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The film “12 Monkeys” was a sci-fi movie released in December 1995. It starred Burce Willis and Brad Pitt in lead roles. In it there is an interrogation chair that is very similar to one sketched  by American artist Lebbeus Woods titled “Neomechanical Tower (Upper) Chamber”.  The chair in the film  is clearly inspired by Wood’s design and therefore the directors and Universal Studios have committed a clear violation of copyright.


Does  George Harrison’s song “My Sweet Lord”  infringe upon the musical ideas used by Ronald Mack’s in his tune “He’s So Fine” ?

The  melody and chordal structure are clearly similar, but George Harrison’s  lyrics and  his use of  softer vocals and an instrumental  section produce a very different musical effect. Harrison uses a much slower tempo which combined with the guitar instrumental produces a folk music quality compared with  Ronald Mack’s  Mowtown pop  sound  in “He’s So Fine”.
These differences make “My Sweet Lord” a much different  song from “He’s So Fine”, therefore George Harrison  has no case to answer, there is no clear copyright violation.

barbicantree by Matthias Merkel Hess

Claude Monet 1873

Claude Monet 1873

Susan Boyle

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Richard Stallman What is Free software?

T-55 tank

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